Our Approach

Global Communities believes in the transformative power of small businesses and has facilitated loans for companies focused on auto services, construction, consumer finance, fashion retailing, food processing, hospitality, information technology, and more.
Our Loan Guarantee Facilities focus on providing training and support to female entrepreneurs, who can face additional barriers to accessing credit. Programs such as the Women in Business Capacity Building Training Initiative, based in Egypt, deliver financial and banking workshops for thousands of current and aspiring female business owners.


Climate Action

With climate change comes increasing incidences of weather-related shocks and disasters. In vulnerable communities, the immediate and long-term effects of ever more powerful storms and recurring droughts can be devastating. Working with local communities, we are building resilience to climate-related shocks by collaboratively identifying and developing strategies to address vulnerabilities in each local context. Learn more about our work building resilience in the face of climate change here.


Food Security & Agriculture

Our agricultural food security strategies are designed to improve production approaches—protecting farmers from stressors while supporting improved production growth and sustainable approaches tailored to their unique, individual needs and household contexts. We work directly with smallholder farmers, especially women, to diversify their income streams and increase the resilience of their households to disaster-related damage to crops and food supplies.